Leadership - Leena Tibrewala

In 2012, Leena founded the Learners Academy which offers tutoring (K thru 12th grade) and test preparation services.  She went on to start American College Gurus in 2016 and Global Design Feature in 2018. Leena holds a Masters from Pune University India and Bachelors of Arts and Commerce from Symbiosis International School, Pune India.

American College Gurus was founded after realizing the demand for study abroad and college admissions assistance requests from Asian countries like India and Bangladesh. Global Design Feature showcases new and emerging designers on the Fashion Week platform in NYC. As part of this project, along with several established Fashion influencers, the company conducts workshops, fashion shows and mentoring program.  Program partners include Lindenwood University, Stephens College of Design and Moore College of Art and Design.

Since moving to St. Louis in 2001, Leena has been active in the community through volunteer work at the Hindu Temple of St Louis (Education Committee) and HTYG conducting educational tours for the public at large, student groups and speaking at some inter faith initiatives by MICDs, JBS, Cor Jesu Academy about India and Hinduism at large.

Leena continues to be a champion of Asian culture, values and educating the public at large by bridging the gap between East and West and have conducted Yoga session, Asian food tasting and set up several booths during passport series and international fest about India.

Our vision is to be instrumental in connecting Asian American businesses and organizations in the St. Louis region as well as positioning this region to be internationally competitive.